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BBBEE Funding

bbbee funding Johannesburg South Africa

The new BBBEE Codes of Good Practice provide great opportunities for companies to do good and obtain credits at the same time. The BBBEE Codes clarify the treatment of investments made by the private equity industry and create opportunities for black-owned private equity fund managers.

As a wholly black owned company, Renablist is the ideal private equity fund management partner to investors that seek to embark on this journey. Renablist works with customers and partners to conceptualise, implement and manage suitable BBBEE funding structures and vehicles.

We facilitate the creation and management of sector BBBEE funds to ensure that companies in these sectors can optimise their BBBEE contribution while reducing the administrative and funding burdens associated therewith.

A special focus is on equity equivalence programmes that offer multinational organisations an alternative path towards compliance. Renablist partners with these multinational organisations as well as the dti to structure practical solutions that comply with relevant BBBEE legislation and regulations.

Renablist employs experienced financial analysts and private equity practitioners to manage the BBBEE fund. We also partner with investment banks, commercial lawyers and accountants to ensure a holistic and professional service to our customers. Renablist is a member of the Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals (ABSIP) that was established in 1995 to address the apparent lack of representation of black professionals in the securities and investment industry.

Renablist manages the BBBEE Funds on behalf of the investors, and reports to a board of trustees comprising investors and other suitable individuals that provide the necessary oversight.

The purpose of the BBBEE Fund is determined by the trustees, and includes the provision of funding, advisory and support services to qualifying entities that apply to the BBBEE Fund. BBBEE Fund specific industry focus and beneficiary selection criteria are determined by the trustees from time to time.

Renablist values transparency and good governance, and ensures that this is entrenched in the way the funds are structured and managed.

Secure and auditable governance policies and procedures have been established to provide the necessary assurance to investors and other stakeholders. Renablist ensures proper compliance with relevant legislation and regulations.