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Venture Capital

Equity finance Johannesburg South Africa

Our mandate is to invest in and support companies with exceptional growth potential. We target companies with uncomplicated business models operating in industries with attractive growth prospects and led by talented, hard-working and passionate people.

We employ an integrated service approach that leverages our private equity experience to provide timely identification and resolution of common issues encountered throughout the transaction and portfolio company lifecycle as well as issues unique to the private equity fund.

Our professionals assist with many of today’s largest, most challenging issues Renablist works closely with our partners through the full life-cycle of the private equity continuum.  From deal to deal, strategy through execution, Renablist connects you to the right resources, at the right time, ensuring success at each stage of your valuation transaction.

We believe in co-investing with management to create a culture of good corporate governance across the entire organisation. We are long-term strategic investors with no predefined exit strategy.  We add value by challenging management to innovate and grow their businesses, both organically and by means of acquisitions. We provide funding when needed.